The Proceeds

Not for Profit

Mother Goose and Hawkey-The Cold Before the Rain.jpg

Profits will be donated to:

  • The Sacramento Audubon Society

  • Lockwood Animal Rescue Center–Wolves and Combat Veterans (LARC)

  • California Raptor Center

  • Fat Cat City Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund

  • FieldHaven Feline Center

  • Let ‘em Run Foundation for Wild Mustangs, Lacy J. Dalton Foundation

All who are dedicated to the animals who share our world.

Further profits will be donated to:

  • Yellow Circle Learning Platform

“I enjoyed Along came Ryan…the Little Gosling King, Volume II, Return of the Geese and the pictures are a good compliment. The one thing that kept coming to mind is, in their natural habitat, geese and other waterfowl are rarely observed so closely by people. You and the people in the complex had this great opportunity to view and really connect to the geese raising a brood with all their difficulties. Most people, and more importantly, most children do not get such an opportunity. Once having this experience makes people; young and old more concerned for conserving habitat for the various birds, mammals, insects, etc. that inhabit our earth. Your book should help young people make the connection. I commend you on your writing and believe Volume III will also be very enjoyable.”
— Bill Bianco, President, Sacramento Audubon Society.