Writing Pairs (Part 1 of 3) Plan and Flow

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin, US Founding Father, diplomat, inventor

I recall back in my kindergarten playground days when one kid started a challenge to see who could chew the most crackers the quickest, adding the instruction to eat a little at a time. Nearly all the kids jumped in and stuffed their mouths with abandon ending up not able to chew at all let alone speak. Their only accomplishment was to entertain each other with their chipmunk cheeks. The successful ones were those who followed the plan to bite off only as much as they could chew.

 When it comes to writing, planning is the same. That is, plan to write only as much as you reasonably can. For example, depending upon your personal circumstances, a sensible goal might be to write one or more chapters, sections, or pages per writing session.

Another planning strategy of successful writers is to schedule when to write. Do this and you will crush fears of deadlines and minimize stress along the way.

Bottom line, with a plan in place and time set aside to write, the channel which delivers the magical “flow” of life-infusing creativity opens wider.

See part II for the rest of “Writing  Wisdom…in Pairs”

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Barbara Klide