When Editors Know Best (Part II) — Outtake from Along Came Ryan Vol. II

“Write without fear. Edit without mercy.” -Unknown

We had been awaiting our guests. Then we saw them—first a single pair of Canada Geese flew into the enclosed courtyard and paraded about. We couldn’t tell if they were last year’s mated pair. Then a second pair flew in. Every day my co-workers and I peered outside from a long, glassed-in corridor stretching the length of the courtyard next to our office. In fishbowl-style, we watched and wondered if one of the pairs would remain. I kept asking staff if they saw any nesting activity since one person might see what another might not. 

We were giddy for news as Canada Geese often return to their former nesting site. Those of us on edge were easily distracted and one staff person sent around a photo of a cat proclaiming that it was living in the walls of our building. “Not likely” most snickered, but proof was in the photo. 

A small band of people followed our willing guide to the place in the image and sure enough, looking way up the tall wall above a window, a cat was sitting, silhouetted through the thin wall. Emails began to fly and many people wondered if our eyes deceived us or if it was true.

A full 24 hours later, the town crier fessed up that it wasn’t a cat, but was a section of peeling drywall coincidentally shaped exactly like a cat! You could’ve fooled me and indeed, I was. Most people were as well. So, while there were no nesting geese, and no cat living in the building, we did have a herd of sheepish people and one smug comedian at large. 

Photo Credit: Mark Henry

2018 11-14 Blog #4 B&W Cat photo by Mark Henry.jpg
Barbara Klide