When Editors Know Best (Part I) — Outtake from Along Came Ryan Vol. II

“No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft."H.G. Wells

Sometimes, as writers, we must apply a sanity check and if we cling to words like a beloved old shirt that one no longer wears, find a person to do a ruthless sanity check and either repair,  reimagine, discard, or donate it. 

The following story was to appear in my upcoming book, “Along Came Ryan…the Little Gosling King, the Return of the Geese (Vol. II)”. I was clinging to it knowing deep down that it was “iffy”. It took one of my crack editors, Amy, to say “this just doesn’t advance the story—axe it!” She was right. It’s still a fun, authentic anecdote worth a renaissance. Enjoy! 

(Continued in Part II)


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