Seeking Peace and Happiness? (Pt. 1 of 4) Know What You Like and Do It!

A man in his late 90s once said, “Life is too short so do only those things that make you happy.” I thought with all the years he’s lived, he ought to know.

Later, a wise woman, now over 100 years old, exhorted me to be cognizant of who I am by learning what my unique strengths, gifts and my true desires are. Above all, she said not to procrastinate in seeking worthy industry to exercise those gifts and ultimately be in the “zone” doing so. Being in the zone is joyful and peaceful. For me, I knew I could write. I love to write. I sought writing as a hobby and I do find joy, fully immersed, energized, and happy to be engaged in it. 

Education is a good way to introduce ourselves to our gifts. When we try new things, we learn various skills and lessons that can transcend every part of our lives, not to mention that we develop good character, values, and philosophical beliefs which can serve us for a very long time. The more we do things that we are good at or practice to become good at, the more we desire to do them…so shoot for the moon and be happy! 

See part II for the rest of “Seeking Peace and Happiness?”

Barbara Klide