Seeking Peace and Happiness? (Pt. 3 of 4) The Future is a Mystery. Stop Worrying About It.

When we live in the future, we suffer from anxiety and worry as a result of doubt and fear about what we will do, how we will do it, what will become of us, or what others will do to us. The natural antidote to anxiety is to have a plan based on your heart’s desire and to take action–any first and logical step will do. Then sit back and “let go.” It will make it that much easier to be at peace, centered like the bubble of a level.

Another big key to seeking peace, is to be patient about future events and try not to resist even seemingly negative events–they could be growth-inducing challenges. Call upon the patience and wisdom you have developed deep inside of you and use it to get through the more difficult aspects of life. Change what you can, but know that you cannot control everything. It’s torment to resist life’s inevitable roadblocks with worry and anxiety. 

When it gets too rough, even for your high consciousness new age self, seek a trusted friend or loved one…or research what the best minds advise. Above all, listen to your heart. When you do, it will let you know if your path is good–that’s the true road to peace. 

See part IV for the rest of “Seeking Peace and Happiness?”

Barbara Klide